Black Diamonds and Black Gold

Named “One to Watch” by Women’s Wear Daily (the acclaimed Fashion Bible) and JCK Rising Star, Vanessa Leu is an internationally-recognized, award-winning jewelry designer who’s black diamond and black gold jewelry and engagement rings have created a new direction in luxury jewelry.

Celebrity Jewelry Designer Vanessa Leu
Alyssa Milano wears Vanessa Leu Jewelry to the Into the Woods Premiere

Alyssa Milano wears Vanessa Leu Jewelry to the Into the Woods Premiere

December 11, 2014


Alyssa Milano Wears Vanessa Leu Jewelry

December 9, 2014


Teri Hatcher wears Vanessa Leu Pendant

November 26, 2014


Teri Hatcher wears Vanessa Leu Earrings

November 24, 2014

Conflict-free Gems and Recycled Gold

Did you know? A pair of wedding rings creates over 20 tons of waste during the gold mining process.

This is why our custom handmade jewelry is made with recycled gold, conflict-free diamonds, and fair trade gemstones.


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"She was a JCK Rising Star a few years ago, and named Designer to Watch by WWD this year — and it’s easy to see why. Vanessa Leu’s edgy, oxidized styles are just plain cool. Plus, the looks are cohesive from less-expensive styles to higher-end ones. If you like dark, minimalist effects that radiate rock star, Leu’s line is for you. And on an ironic note: the designer herself could not be more demure and unassuming."

− Jennifer Heebner, Senior Editor, JCK Magazine

"The sharp edges, glittering black diamonds, and bold prasiolite stone of this edgy—yet somehow subtle—ring immediately drew me to it. And though they’re all awe-inspiring to behold, each of Vanessa’s pieces—in a nod to the centuries-long tradition of jewelry as a kind of talisman—are also intended to deliver blessings of pure, organic energy to the wearer. More prosaically but no less relevant: Everything from her limited edition collection is handcrafted in the USA utilizing only conflict-free diamonds and reclaimed metals."

− W Magazine

"Serene, is rarely a word used to describe jewellery. Vanessa Leu’s creations though, commend the term perfectly. The Taiwanese jeweller’s Chinese heritage inspire her work— guided by Zen practice, works of Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu and Chinese painter Ba Da Shan Ren. The notion that gemstones bring spiritual healing may have lost significance today, but Leu hopes her creations are not just art pieces but talismans that bring joy, luck and protection."

− Solitaire Magazine

"American-Taiwanese jewellery designer Vanessa Leu is sure to make her mark with a range of geometric bling this season. A class apart from the usual, Leu's collection is distinctive by its sleek, clean lines, linear shapes and dainty gemstones. The inspiration for the pieces lies in art philosophies like cubism and the urban cityscape. The jewels are a great fit for women who want to make a statement without going overboard."

− Adorn Magazine